Running GrooveManager

To run GrooveManager, open the folder you originally extracted the distribution files to.  The file named GrooveManager is the one to open, with the “G mgr” icon.

The main screen will be displayed:

As you select artists from the left pane, the albums for the selected artist will be filtered on the right.  Note that the artist list contains every artist found in every song file.  In the case of compilation albums, you may have artists that play on a song, but that you have no albums for.

Double-click an artist to open the Edit Artist screen.  Depending on whether the artist has an image associated with it or not, the artist’s image will be displayed:


On this screen, you can edit the artist’s name and the name to use when sorting.  An example of a differing sort name would be “The Who” vs. “Who, The”.

To add or change the artist’s image, double-click the image box.  This will display the Artist Search screen:

The name of the artist you are editing will be pre-filled.  Modify the name if needed and click Search.  The results will be displayed with the artist image and name:

Double-click the item that has the image you want to associate with the artist and you will be returned to the Edit Artist screen:

Click Save to save the new artist info.

In order to see your changes in Groove Music, you need to close GrooveManager first.

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