Beginning with GrooveManager 1.1, the capability is included to edit some fields of an Album.  The primary purpose for this new feature is to improve the organization of albums in the Albums listing.

Groove does a pretty good job of modifying the title name to be sortable, for example, “The Best Collection” would be sorted as “Best Collection The”.  But in some cases, you may feel “The” is an essential part of the title and should remain the first sort element.  Unfortunately, there is no way built into Groove to alter the titles – they are always pulled from the metadata and cleaned up uniformly. 

Another example of titles that may appear where you do not want them to is in the case of ellipses leading a title, which always get sorted to the top.

Another example is foreign characters, which you may want to group with a local language equivalent.

In GrooveManager, if you choose an artist, then double-click one of the artist’s albums, you will be shown the Edit Artist screen.

Edit the Sort Name to reflect how you want the album to be alphabetically sorted and Save the album. 

Groove will then show the album in the correct position, but will not change the name of the album. (…To The Power of Three is moved)

You can also change the cover image for an album to a JPG file on your computer or an embedded cover image in a media file.  Click the cover image in the Edit Album screen and a file browser is displayed to let you choose a file for artwork.

Click Open and the selected album art will be shown for the album.  Click Save to update the Groove database.

Technical notes:

There are three “names” stored in the database for an album: Title, SortTitle, and SortTitleOverride.  Title is always the display name, SortTitle and SortTitleOverride are not displayed, but are used in sorting.  However, there is yet another field that determines where the album is displayed in the album list: SortTitleGroupIndex.  This numeric field is zero for titles starting with non-alphabetic characters, then 1 for numeric characters, then incremented for each letter.  A=2, D=5, etc.

This group index value doesn’t have to coincide with the actual letter, but if they are out of sync, the displayed results will be weird.  For example, if you have a title of “Stuff”, but have a SortTitleGroupIndex of 2 (“A”), Groove will display letter groups of “0-9”, ”A”, “S”, “B”, ”C”, etc.  The “Stuff” album is displayed with other “A” albums, but the “S” in the title sorts it last in the group and gives the album its own header.  Groove also keeps the other “S” header later in the album list.

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