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Managing the Groove music database


This project was created to solve an annoyance with Microsoft's Groove application: Missing artist images. Unfortunately, the result isn't as great as I initially hoped, but there is still a lot of usefulness in this utility. Maybe in future versions, things can be improved and expanded.

The specific issue this utility aims to resolve is this:

Maybe you have your artists named differently, maybe for whatever reason, they can’t be found.  You can manually add these artist images, as long as they exist in Xbox Music’s library.


The GrooveManager allows the editing of Artist and Album data in the Groove music database, limited to names and (artist) images.


Because the Artist image is pulled only from an existing Artist profile on Xbox Music, there is no way to use personal or external images for the artist.  Maybe in a future version this will be changed (the database schema seems to provide for it).

GrooveManager is intended to manage the Groove Music database on a desktop PC.  This application does not make any changes to Groove Music on a mobile device. 

This application is not meant to be a metadata editor.  If the data in Groove is from the metadata of the media files, you should make any needed changes in those files.  If the data in Groove is from its internal processes, then this utility will help you make the Groove data behave like you want.

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