GrooveManager Menu Options

The menu options for troubleshooting the launch of GrooveManager.


If you open GrooveManager and get a message saying the Groove database is in use, close Groove Music.  After Groove Music is closed, you can use the menu option to reload the database.

If Groove is not displayed in the task bar, but you still can’t open the database, Groove Music may be suspended.  You can use Task Manager to kill the process, or you can choose the Force close option in the menu.  After Groove Music is forced to close, the database will be loaded automatically.


Under the Help menu are options for viewing the Groove Database.  “Groove Database Info” will display the physical path to the Groove database on your computer. “Groove Data Viewer” allows you to browse the raw data being held in the Artists and Albums tables in the Groove Database.  The data is not editable, but it can provide insights as to why Groove is displaying your collection incorrectly.

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